Trump Takes Commanding Position

( – In new evidence that the Democrats are increasingly likely to get toast in the 2024 elections, Donald Trump has expanded his advantage over Joe Biden following the initial presidential debate last week, as evidenced by two influential polls.

The New York Times/Siena College survey, published on Wednesday, indicated that Trump holds a six percentage point lead (49%-43%) among likely voters, which is the most significant margin reported by the publication since 2015 for the 45th president, and an eight-point lead (49%-41%) among registered voters.

Similarly, the Wall Street Journal has reported a six-point lead for Trump, 48%-42%, among registered voters, marking the largest lead favoring the former president since at least late 2021, The New York Post reports.

Trump, aged 78, has seen a two-point increase in his lead over Biden since the last Times/Siena survey, conducted two days before the June 27 debate.

This earlier poll positioned the presumptive Republican nominee ahead of his successor by four points (48%-44%) among likely voters.

In contrast, the WSJ poll indicates a growth of four percentage points in Trump’s lead since the previous survey in late February, which showed him leading the incumbent by two points (47%-45%).

The Biden campaign was bracing for unfavorable results from the Times/Siena poll, releasing an internal memo on Wednesday morning that labeled the survey as an “outlier” in an effort to suppress demands from some Democrats for the president to discontinue his reelection campaign following his perplexing and peculiar performance on stage.

In the demographic analysis of the Times/Siena poll among registered voters, Trump led Biden in every age group except those aged 65 and older.

The former president also held a nine-point advantage among Hispanic registered voters (50%-41%) and led among independent voters by double digits (47%-37%).

A significant concern for the administration is that 74% of registered voters either strongly or somewhat agreed that Biden “is just too old to be an effective president,” in contrast to 42% who expressed the same sentiment about Trump.

According to the WSJ poll, 80% of registered voters believe Biden is too old to run for president, whereas 56% said the same of Trump.

Additionally, 60% of registered voters in the Times survey opined that Biden should not be the Democratic nominee, with Democrats nearly evenly split on the issue (48% in favor, 47% against).

The NYT/Siena College poll was conducted via telephone from June 28 to July 2, surveying 1,532 registered voters with a margin of error of 2.8 percentage points. The Wall Street Journal poll surveyed 1,500 registered voters from June 29 to July 2, with a margin of error of 2.5 percentage points.

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