Trump Surges

Donald Trump is now more confident than ever that he will be the GOP candidate for the upcoming presidential election as he has scored yet another victory in the polls against his direct competition Nikki Haley. But what makes things even better for Trump is “where” he beat Haley this time.

Despite being the former governor of South Carolina Nikki Haley had to eat a humble pie as she still lost to Trump in the polls, which makes it worse since this happened in the state she once was the head of.

According to the Washington Post-Monmouth University poll, Trump stands supreme with 58% of potential Republican primary voters backing him, while Haley hangs in there with all her might with only 32%.

The difference between Trump and Haley clearly shows that the former president is now more than ever the GOP candidate and Haley might want to reconsider following the steps of Christie, DeSantis, and others who also tried but failed to get that spot from Trump.

What’s more Haley’s favorability is on the decline, dropping from 59% to 45% since September. Among the GOP’s core supporters her favorability has taken an even steeper dive. Meanwhile Trump’s favorability is looking solid, especially among those same core Republicans.

Despite Haley’s efforts to leverage her South Carolina roots and political experience, she’s facing a tough battle against Trump’s incredibly loyal base.

South Carolina’s open primary system could have offered a glimmer of hope for Haley, allowing her to potentially draw votes. Yet with Trump’s stronghold on the party evident in his performance in both Iowa and New Hampshire, trying to overcome him has become nearly impossible.

Trump’s resilience is further proved by the poll’s findings on how voters would react if he were convicted in any of the criminal cases he faces.

Most people say he should remain the nominee regardless and a similar proportion would still support him in the general election.