Trump Says DeSantis Lost To Who?

Matt Johnson from Omaha, Nebraska, United States, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

On Tuesday (April 19), former President Trump lambasted Florida Governor Ron DeSantis over his ongoing battle with Disney, Amid a property owner’s pleas for help in a costly battle against squatters.

DeSantis’ war with Disney World escalated recently when the company’s supervisory board approved a deal that usurped a Florida law designed to strip the entertainment giant of its autonomy.

In response, the Governor asked his Inspector General to investigate the move and presented several proposals, including constructing a prison next to Disney.

Taking to Truth Social, Trump asserted DeSantis was “absolutely destroyed by Disney.”

The former President explained DeSantis’ initial “P.R. plan fizzled,” so he was returning with a new plan “to save face.”

Trump then suggested that DeSantis should instead focus on rectifying “the squatter MESS.”

While Trump did not report a specific mess, a Florida homeowner recently told Fox News that she needed DeSantis’ intervention after squatters occupied her home for 34 days, causing $38,000 in damage.

Patti Pebbles, 61, told Fox News she wanted “DeSantis to change the laws.”

Pebbles explained “tenants” and “squatters” weren’t the same.

Two days after showing the home to interested buyers, Peeples found her home occupied by squatters and their two young children.

She explained that the situation cost her more than $5,000 in legal fees and made her rethink being a landlord.

Instead, Pebble noted that there should be an “expedited way” for the court system to assess the situation to conclude whether the person in the home had been cheated by a “sneaky landlords” or the squatter had “defrauded” the landlord.

Pebble added that the damage left by the squatters “diminished” the income she was expected “to live off on this year” as a retiree.