Trump Republican Wins Big

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

America is shocked.

David McCormick, Businessman and Republican Senate primary contender, conceded to rival Dr. Mehmet Oz on Friday (June 3), drawing Pennsylvania’s confusing Senate primary to a close.

During media availability on Friday, McCormick noted that he “came close” to Oz on election night and had spent over two weeks ensuring “that every Republican vote was counted in a way that would result in the will of Pennsylvanian voters being fulfilled.”

McCormick then stated that with the “recount largely complete,” it was clear that Oz was the nominee, adding that he called to congratulate the former TV personality.
McCormick also discussed reuniting Republicans around Oz’s candidacy.

“I told him what I always said to you — that I will do my part to try to unite Republicans and Pennsylvanians behind his candidacy, behind his nomination for the Senate.”

Oz confirmed McCormick’s call in a Twitter thread, revealing that he is “tremendously grateful” for his former rival’s support, turning his attention to Democratic candidate John Fetterman.

“Now that our primary is over, we will make sure that this U.S. Senate seat does not fall into the hands of the radical left, led by John Fetterman,” Oz tweeted.

McCormick’s comes as a surprise after Pennsylvania acting Secretary of State Leigh Chapman ordered a recount of the vote, with Oz only leading McCormick by 902 votes or about 0.1 percent.

The recount would have been completed on Tuesday (June 7), with the results released the following day, but talking to the media, McCormick said he didn’t need to see the results and was rather focused on beating Lt. Gov. John Fetterman (D) in the midterms.

“It is so important that we beat John Fetterman, and it’s so important for the country that we take back the Senate in 2022. So [Oz] has my full support,” McCormick stated.