Trump Puts Another State in Play

( – In a recent NH Journal/Praecones Analytica poll, former President Donald Trump put another state in play as he is almost tied in a hypothetical three-way general election race in New Hampshire with independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Joe Biden.

The released poll results showed that Trump was slightly ahead with 36.6% support, followed by Biden at 36.5% and Kennedy at the third with 14.6%.

Trump has an edge over Biden across all age demographics except for voters aged 65 and older, where 52% support Biden, compared to 27% for Trump and 9% for Kennedy.

Also, the poll indicates that Trump holds a 10- to 12-point lead over Biden among younger voters.

Support among undeclared voters in the state is fairly evenly distributed among the three candidates. Biden leads slightly with 27.5%, Trump follows with 24.2%, Kennedy has 23.2%, and 25.1% favor “none of these” candidates.

Moreover, Jonathan Klingler of Praecones Analytica noted the incumbent’s challenges with swing voters.

“While registered voters of both parties are largely united around their nominee, independent/undeclared voters are splitting their support in four statistically indistinguishable ways: between Biden, Trump, Kennedy, and other unnamed candidates,” Klingler explained.

He pointed out that, unlike in the 2020 election, where the 81-year-old Democrat captured around 60% of independent voters in New Hampshire, he would only garner about a quarter of their support if the election were held today.

This shift in voter sentiment is particularly significant as Biden plans a visit to New Hampshire this week. Jim Merrill, a seasoned GOP strategist in New Hampshire, commented:

“This helps to put President Biden’s visit this week into greater context, as that sound you hear is the 2024 battleground map expanding for Donald Trump, seemingly putting New Hampshire in play this fall.”

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