Trump Leads Biden In Key State Ahead Of Debate

( – Ahead of their upcoming first presidential debate, a recent poll revealed that former President Donald Trump commands a sizeable lead over Joe Biden in the key swing state of Georgia.

The Atlanta-Journal Constitution poll showed Trump with a 5-point advantage over Biden among likely voters in Georgia, with the GOP leader at 43%, the Democrat at 38%, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. polled at 9%.

Offering 16 electoral votes, the state holds significant sway in the 2024 presidential election set for Tuesday, November 5th. This poll precedes the first debate between Trump and Biden scheduled for Thursday, June 27th in Atlanta, Georgia.

Additionally, recent polls suggest Biden faces challenges in other crucial swing states. For instance, a Bloomberg News and the Morning Consult poll indicated Trump leads in five out of seven swing states and ties in a sixth.

Specifically, Trump holds leads of five points in Arizona, seven points in North Carolina, two points in Pennsylvania, and one point in Wisconsin. In Georgia, Trump’s leads narrowed to three points, contrasting with the Atlanta-Constitution Journal survey’s five-point gap.

Furthermore, an ABC News/Ipsos poll revealed that voters trust Trump more than Biden on handling the economy, immigration, and crime, which are pivotal concerns in the upcoming election.

Another Harvard Harris poll indicated a higher approval rating for Trump’s overall performance compared to Biden’s, reflecting voter sentiment.

Surprisingly, the 81-year-old senile Democrat has faced criticism, particularly regarding immigration, as a poll commissioned by Newsweek and conducted by Redfield and Wilton Strategies found only 20% of eligible voters believe the U.S. currently controls its borders.

Similarly, a Harvard Harris poll with the Center for American Political Studies showed just 36% approval for Biden’s handling of immigration, marking his lowest issue-specific rating for four consecutive months.

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