Trump Delivers SHOCKING Statement

Photo by History in HD on Unsplash

You won’t believe what he said.

Former President Donald Trump slammed current President Joe Biden stating that many of his policies have come up as failures and that he has not done a good job at vaccinating the American public. This comes after it was announced that the coronavirus variant omicron has reached the United States.

Trump began his remarks stating that Biden has done a “terrible” job at vaccinating the American public and getting ready for a potential wave of coronavirus cases. He added that the press is giving Biden too much slack which is causing many of the issues across America. He stated that Americans are starting to distrust the current administration for the poor job that they have been doing. Many of the bills that have come out of the administration are very unpopular with the American public.

Trump continued his statement saying that the Biden administration is very unsuccessful in many different areas. Many of the failures by the administration have led the American people to distrust or move against them. He added that Americans are furious over the poor performance by the president and the lack of support from his administration.

This is very bad news for President Joe Biden. Many Americans are distrusting the administration due to all of the failures that they have made.