Trump Dares Biden (Video)

( – Presumed GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump has found a new way to heap pressure on President Joe Biden by insisting that the latter undergo a drug test before their first presidential debate, which is coming up in a couple of weeks.

See a video of Trump’s remarks in the tweet below!

At a rally in Las Vegas, Nevada, broadcasting on Newsmax and its streaming service Newsmax2, Trump declared that his competitor needed to take both a cognitive test and a drug test.

“Biden should have a cognitive test. No. 1, they say it’s unconstitutional. That’s a good excuse. He should have a cognitive test. And before the debate in two weeks, he should take a drug test, because I’m willing to take one,” Trump stated.

The debate, scheduled for Thursday, June 27, is to be a seated discussion between Trump and Biden, where moderators will have the ability to mute microphones.

Trump criticized Biden, suggesting that at 81—the oldest president ever elected and serving—he might require performance-enhancing drugs to participate effectively.

He highlighted past gaffes of Biden, including confusing states.

“Remember when Joe said, ‘it’s great to be in Idaho,’ and he was in Iowa? He always does that. If I ever did that, it would be over. They’d say, ‘that’s the end of his political career: He’s cognitively impaired,’” the former president said.

Throughout his speech, Trump recalled his own experiences with cognitive tests during his presidency.

“You know, I had a second test, I aced it,” and boasted about acing both tests, noting their difficulty.

He further criticized Biden’s competency, especially in light of special counsel Robert Hur’s comments describing Biden as too “incompetent” to stand trial for mishandling classified documents post-vice presidency.

Trump elaborated on the disparities in legal scrutiny between himself and Biden, expressing disbelief at the leniency shown towards Biden due to his alleged incompetence.

“He was never smart, but he wasn’t incompetent,” he said.

Addressing his own legal challenges, Trump humorously stated he would not prefer to evade a trial claiming “incompetence,” emphasizing, “I don’t want to get off like that,” and affirmed his innocence concerning the Presidential Records Act.

Concluding his address, Trump pointed out Biden’s reliance on teleprompters, which malfunctioned that Sunday, suggesting Biden’s incapacity to debate or speak spontaneously.

“You saw me in the White House, it was like war,” he added. He criticized the media’s partial treatment, particularly targeting MSNBC as “probably the most evil.”

He summed up his views on the mainstream media, stating, “They’re all bad and they’re all very dishonest.”

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