Trump Campaign: The ‘End Is Near’

( – Donald Trump’s team is sure that Nikki Haley will face a tough time in the South Carolina primary this weekend.

They believe this will end her hopes of winning the GOP presidential race from behind. Just before Haley was set to talk about the “State of the Race” in Greenville, South Carolina, Trump’s senior advisers Chris LaCivita and Susie Wiles shared their thoughts. They said it’s clear Haley will be “rejected by those who know her the best.”

The advisers did not hold back in their memo. They criticized Haley for not accepting her poor polling numbers. “Of course, like any wailing loser hell-bent on an alternative reality and refusing to come to grips with her imminent political mortality, we should expect more references to Kings and Coronations — even though the results of 5 elections overwhelmingly sent an unmistaken message: Nikki Haley doesn’t represent Republicans any more than Joe Biden does,” said LaCivita and Wiles.

They also accused Haley of aligning with the left and trying to influence GOP contests. “But they both have a simple mission: attack Donald Trump and use any means necessary. RINO Nikki and her team have decided that it’s okay to solicit and accept money from national leftists — and — attempt to hijack GOP contests across the country by courting Democrats,” they mentioned. “That’s a stain that doesn’t go away.”

Trump has won the first four nomination contests, showing he’s still popular with many Republican voters. This has made people question Haley’s chances of winning.

LaCivita and Wiles think Haley’s situation will only get worse as the race for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination goes on. “This is the diagnosis she refuses to accept: The end is near,” they concluded.