Trump And Kanye Team Up For 2024?

Kenny Sun from Boston, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

In a series of social media posts, Ye, formerly Kanye West, revealed he asked Trump to be his 2024 running mate.

West made his claim about requesting Trump be his running mate in a video shared on Twitter titled “Mar-a-Lago debriefing.”

The video discusses the events of the meeting, which was also attended by White supremacist, Nick Fuentes, who, according to Trump, arrived at the dinner between the two men not having been invited.

The video was posted on Thursday (November 24) evening, explaining that West had brought up a campaign during his dinner at Mar-a-Lago. The rapper shared several “Ye ’24” graphics as well.

West explained in the video that Trump was “most perturbed” by the rapper’s request that the former President be his running mate in 2024, relaying how Trump started screaming at him following the request.

The rapper explained that Trump screamed at him that he would lose, prompting the controversial rapper to ask the former President to “hold on,” before reminding him that he was “talking to Ye.”

After meeting Trump at the Oval Office in 2018, West made a longshot bid for the Presidency in 2020. Then, after the 2020 election day and his expected loss, West tweeted the caption “KANYE 2024” alongside a state map of the U.S.

When asked in an interview with ABC News about his future political aspirations, the rapper didn’t shy away from sharing that he had some.

The controversial rapper also explained his belief that Trump should have freed January 6, 2021, prisoners — jailed for their involvement in the Capitol insurrection — when he had a chance.