Top Republican Announces 2024 Run

Photo by David Everett Strickler on Unsplash

On Saturday (March 4), former Vice President Mike Pence hinted that his entry into the 2024 Presidential race is imminent.

Speaking to Fox News Digital, Pence asserted that Americans “love competition” while noting that the country is “free,” allowing anyone “to vie for offices… of their choosing.”

Later in the interview, he added that he believed “different times call for different leadership” while insinuating that the U.S. is in such a period.

Previously, Pence has suggested that he would have made a decision on whether or not to run for office by the end of Spring; he reiterated that time frame on Saturday.

The former Vice President indicated he wasn’t in any rush, despite the GOP Presidential race expanding rapidly, saying his family has enough “time to be discerning, to be reflective, to listen” and that he and his wife will “have a clear sense of our call sometime this spring.”

Pence also suggested he would comply with the RNC’s loyalty pledge if he were to enter the race.

RNC Chairwoman announced the pledge last weekend, explaining that any candidate who wants to participate in the first GOP primary debate would have to agree to support the eventual candidate.

Pence, who served as Trump’s right-hand man during his time in the Oval Office, and has avoided implicating the former President in any potential crimes relating to January 6, indicated loyalty wouldn’t be a problem for him as he has “supported Republican candidates for [his] entire adult life.”

Pence, who was conspicuously absent from the CPAC event, noted he wouldn’t have any problems following any of the RNC’s debate requirements “if [his] a candidate for president.”