Top Democrat Cancels 2024 Run

Photo by David Everett Strickler on Unsplash

On Wednesday (February 22), Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) poured cold water on assumptions he’d run for President in 2024.

Speaking on MetroNews during a radio interview conducted at the State Capitol in Charleston, West Virginia, Manchin confirmed that he is “not running for President of the United States,” adding that he could “assure” the American public of that.

Yet Manchin, a moderate Democrat, two-term Senator, and the former Governor of West Virginia, suggested that he wouldn’t be ruling out launching a Presidential run in the future when he was in the best position to “bring the country together.”

Despite being forthcoming about his Presidential plans, Manchin wasn’t as forthcoming about his plans as Senator, refusing to confirm whether he would be seeking reelection for a third term in the Senate.

Republicans have been eyeing Manchin’s Senate seat as a potential to flip in 2024.

Even if Manchin does decide to run again, Republicans have already lined up possible candidates to unseat him, including Rep. Alex Mooney, the representative for West Virginia’s second district.

West Virginia’s GOP Governor, Jim Justice, a former Democrat who was elected as a Democrat in 2016 but switched his party affiliation in 2017 at a Trump rally, ultimately being reelected as Governor, is also looking to enter the Senate race.

West Virginia’s Republican Attorney General has also expressed interest in joining the Senate race.

So far, no Democrats have expressed interest in seeking Manchin’s Senate seat, presumably until he announces his intentions.