Top Democrat BETRAYS Biden

This one has to hurt.

CNN Political Commentator and former Obama administration official Van Jones stood against President Joe Biden during a CNN broadcast. The political commentator stated that the administration had made some serious promises that did not keep and now President Biden will have to pay the price for them. He did say that Biden has done some good things while in office but the inability to continue his agenda with the current administration is a failure that cannot go unnoticed.

Jones stated that Biden has stepped on a “rake”, fell to the ground, and now the American people are seeing that Joe Biden is not that strong as President Of The United States. He continued his remarks stating that because of his failures the Democrats are “looking over the edge of a cliff.” He believes that President Biden’s “honeymoon phase” is completely over and that he needs to make good on his previous promises.

The former Obama official continued his remarks on the broadcast by stating that the Democratic party is in very deep trouble if President Biden cannot fulfill his promises that he has made during his early months as president. He stated that the wishes of the Democratic party and many liberals rely on Biden and that he cannot keep putting off his duty as president. He added that during his early months, Biden’s presidency looked very promising and gave many Democrats and liberals hope. However, over time, the administration and the president has put off the wishes and needs of the American people.