They’re Going To Party WHY?!

( – The White House, under the leadership of Joe Biden, is reportedly planning an “off-campus” party aimed at boosting staff morale.

This initiative, led by Biden’s chief of staff Jeff Zients, a millionaire, is seen as a way to celebrate the administration’s work over the past three years and to energize the team for what may be Biden’s final year in office.

The news of this party, according to Axios, comes at a time of growing internal discontent within the administration regarding its policy towards the Israel-Hamas conflict.

The party, which is set to be held at a private venue in Northern Virginia later this month, is exclusively for official staff, with invitations noting it is non-transferable and does not include guests.

This move to bolster spirits coincides with a notable resignation and expressions of dissent from within the Biden administration.

A senior Biden education official, Tariq Habash, resigned on Wednesday in protest of the administration’s stance on the Israel-Hamas conflict. In his resignation letter to Education Secretary Miguel Cardona, Habash criticized the administration for allegedly ignoring the “atrocities committed against innocent Palestinian lives” by the Israeli government, which he referred to as a “genocidal campaign.”

Additionally, more than a dozen staffers from Biden’s campaign team issued an anonymous letter expressing their dissatisfaction with the administration’s approach to the conflict. They urged the President to call for a cessation of violence, emphasizing their belief in the values of justice, empathy, and the dignity of human life. They warned that the administration’s response to the situation could negatively impact Biden’s chances in the 2024 election.

This internal opposition is not isolated.

In November, a significant number of government officials, totaling 400 from 40 different departments and agencies, signed a letter opposing President Biden’s handling of the war and calling for a cease-fire.

Furthermore, a leaked internal State Department memo revealed that staffers were urging the administration to alter its public stance toward Israel and support a cease-fire.

This growing dissent within the administration indicates a deepening rift over U.S. policy towards the Israel-Hamas conflict.