‘They Know (Biden’s) Going To Lose’

Joe Biden

(TheProudRepublic.com) – In a show of political desperation caused by Joe Biden’s appalling chances at reelection, Democratic presidential hopeful and Minnesota Representative Dean Phillips articulated his vision for the 2024 election, sharply criticizing what he describes as the “culture of spinelessness” prevalent among politicians.

During an interview on NewsNation’s “Cuomo,” Phillips discussed his aspirations for the Democratic primary in 2024, facing questions about his fortitude as a potential president from host Chris Cuomo.

In response to Cuomo’s query about his toughness, Phillips launched a critique of the existing political climate. “Well, let me tell you all the names you know better than me right now? They knew the problem, they knew the consequence of Joe Biden taking on Donald Trump. They know he’s going to lose, and what are they doing? They’re doing what Sen. Manchin just did with you two moments ago – heeing and hawing and dancing around,” Phillips stated.

Although not by name, he condemned the actions of certain politicians, including California’s governor, whom he accuses of running a covert campaign, and others who refuse to openly communicate, all of which he sees as indicative of a broader issue of political cowardice.

About his 2024 platform, Phillips asserted the necessity of forming a bipartisan cabinet, complemented by a “youth cabinet,” to reconnect young Americans with the government and the White House. He expressed his understanding of the disconnect felt by many between what happens within the Washington Beltway and the rest of the country.

Phillips further criticized Biden’s long tenure in politics, suggesting it has contributed to current national and international challenges. He advocated for a new era of competence and decency in leadership, both in the U.S. and globally. His campaign, announced at the end of October, centers on ushering in “a new generation of American leaders.”

Despite his enthusiastic vision, Phillips faces skepticism from within the Democratic Party, with some questioning the wisdom of his candidacy, especially as it could dilute the already waning support for Biden. A recent Morning Consult poll shows Biden leading Phillips by a significant 69-point margin, underscoring Phillips’s challenges in his presidential bid.