They Bought THIS Congressman’s Seat?!

( – A Democrat has won a special election for a New York House seat, and a lot of money from outside groups helped make it happen.

Federal Election Commission records show that over $3.4 million was spent to help Democrat Tom Suozzi and groups spent more than $9.5 million against his opponent the Republican Mazi Pilip.

Pilip’s side saw much less spending, with just over $600,000 supporting him and $2.9 million used to oppose Suozzi. In total, about $13 million went towards efforts helping Suozzi while Pilip got about $3.6 million in support.

The money paid for digital ads, mailers, getting people out to vote, and other campaign activities. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee alone spent about $3.3 million fighting against Pilip. The National Republican Congressional Committee spent a bit over $917,000 opposing Suozzi. Other groups, like those linked to teachers and environmental causes, also put in hundreds of thousands to support Suozzi.

This spending frenzy comes after the seat was left empty by George Santos, a Republican who was expelled from the House. This pattern of Democrats outspending Republicans wasn’t just in New York. In 2023 Democratic parties in key states like Georgia, Arizona, and Pennsylvania had more money and spent more than their Republican counterparts. The Democratic National Committee also brought in more cash than the Republican National Committee nearly $120 million compared to about $87.2 million.

In the final quarter of 2023 Democrats raised more money in almost every competitive Senate race except for one in Pennsylvania. But even there the Democratic incumbent had more money saved up. Joe Biden has also been raising more money than former President Donald Trump.

Suozzi ended up winning the election with 53.9% of the votes. Neither Suozzi’s nor Pilip’s campaign teams have commented on the spending or the election outcome yet.