They Blew Him Up

( – Even though it won’t bring back the victims of the recent terror attack in Israel, a drone missile has obliterated a key terrorist leader behind the October 7 massacre.

Saleh al-Arouri, a senior figure in the Palestinian Arab Islamist terrorist group Hamas and a pivotal “architect” of the lethal October 7 attack on Israel, was killed in an airstrike in Beirut, Lebanon.

Al-Arouri, the deputy chief of the Palestinian terror group and a founder of its military wing, the Qassam Brigades, was targeted in a drone strike at a Hamas office in Dahiyeh, a stronghold of Hezbollah in Beirut’s southern suburbs.

Both Hamas and Hezbollah are proxies of the Islamic Republic of Iran, though the latter is substantially more powerful and mainly centered in Lebanon.

This incident marks the highest-ranking Hamas member eliminated since the unforeseen attack on October 7, in which the terrorists from the Gaza Strip slaughtered over 1,400 people in Israel, including 33 Americans.

In addition to al-Arouri, five other individuals, including another Palestinian militant commander, were killed.

The identities of these individuals were not immediately disclosed. Security sources informed Reuters that the strike was aimed at a Hamas meeting.

The attack was promptly denounced by Izzat al-Sharq, a high-ranking Hamas political figure, who labeled it a “cowardly assassination” by Israel.

However, Mark Regev, an adviser to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in an MSNBC interview, stated that Israel had not claimed responsibility for the strike.

“Whoever did this did a surgical strike against the Hamas leadership,” he emphasized.

Al-Arouri, a significant liaison with Hezbollah, was a prominent target for Israel following the October 7 attack.

Hamas officials recognized al-Arouri’s involvement in lethal attacks against Israelis, as well as his role in negotiations led by Qatar regarding the war’s aftermath and the recent release of Israeli hostages.

Reports indicated that al-Arouri, considered the “architect” of the October 7 massacre, was informed 30 minutes before the attack to notify Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah.

Al-Arouri was also a crucial connection to Iran, evidenced by his meeting with Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, in Tehran.

His death signals a potential escalation in Israel’s conflict with Hamas and may provoke significant retaliation from the Hezbollah militia.