These Illegals Pay $60,000?!

Red light

( – A recent report from the House Committee on Homeland Security, released by its Republican members, reveals startling details about the high costs charged by smugglers to bring Chinese nationals illegally into the United States.

According to Border Patrol officials, these fees can reach an astonishing $60,000 per individual.

Border Patrol chiefs, during their briefings to the committee, painted a picture of a U.S. southern border under the effective control of transnational criminal organizations. These groups are reportedly charging exorbitant sums for facilitating illegal entry into the U.S., with the price tag varying based on the migrant’s origin and the chosen point of entry. While the average cost is around $8,600, it skyrockets for those journeying from China, a nation that has seen a record number of its nationals encountered by Border Patrol in recent times.

The lucrative nature of human smuggling and trafficking has been underscored, especially during President Joe Biden’s tenure, with cartels reaping significant profits. Jasen Owens, the Chief of U.S. Border Patrol, estimated that these operations in the Del Rio sector of Texas were generating more than $30 million per week.

Aaron Heitke, the Chief Patrol Agent of the San Diego sector, indicated that the smuggling cost increases for routes with a higher likelihood of successful entry. He also shed light on the grim reality faced by many women during this journey, some of whom reportedly view rape as part of the smuggling payment.

The cartels’ brutal enforcement of their control over the border was highlighted by Joel Martinez, the Laredo Chief Patrol Agent, who reported finding bodies with severe gunshot wounds, believed to be individuals who attempted to cross into the U.S. without the cartels’ consent.

To curb illegal immigration, Border Patrol agents suggested during their committee interviews that detaining all individuals, rather than releasing them with future court dates, would be more effective. John Modlin, the Tucson Sector Chief Patrol Agent, advocated for detention of all individuals until their hearings, except in rare medical cases, as a method to discourage illegal crossings.

Additionally, Gregory Bovino, the El Centro Chief Patrol Agent, emphasized the role of border walls in reducing illegal crossings, noting a significant decrease in both pedestrian and vehicular breaches in areas where a 33-foot wall has been erected.

Despite these reports and suggestions from Border Patrol agents, President Biden has consistently denied a crisis at the border. This stance is in stark contrast to the Border Patrol’s record of encountering more than 300,000 illegal immigrants at the southern border in December alone, setting a new and concerning record.