‘The View’ Co-Host Attacks MAGA (Video)

(TheProudRepublic.com) – As Democrat-judicial attacks are failing to take down Donald Trump, far-left mainstream media propaganda is not only intensifying but also targeting the countless Americans backing him, as a co-host of “The View” has called members of the MAGA moment “misinformed” and “low-information voters.”

The latest anti-Trump tirade, which explicitly targeted “the MAGA people,” was delivered in Tuesday’s episode of the ABC News program by co-host Joy Behar, as she and the others discussed the latest hearing in the NY AG’s $250 million civil fraud lawsuit against the former president.

A five-minute video (see below) of the discussion was posted by The View on its YouTube page under the title, “Can Judge Rein In Trump In Civil Fraud Trial?”

In it, Behar attacks MAGA supporters, arguing that they mistakenly viewed the former president as someone who the system had victimized.

“I find that the MAGA people feel like he’s a victim of the system and he’s a pathetic case and he’s fighting the system and it’s a witch hunt. They’re misinformed. They are low-information voters,” the leftist co-host declared.

He comment came after another co-host, Whoopi Goldberg, criticized Trump’s lawyer, Alina Habba, for complaining about the treatment that she received by Manhattan Supreme Court Arthur Engoron during this week’s hearing in the $250 million trial.

“We do have the fatigue [from Trump’s indictments]. What I think is going to work against him everybody in this audience knows have we ever said or done anything like this to a judge in court we would be underneath. Americans regardless of their belief system don’t like a double standard,” Goldberg stated.

Earlier in the conversation, Joy Behar asserted that the 45th president of the United States was only seeking to regain the White House to exact revenge.

“This is what I’m afraid about because this whole week when I was gone those polls came out, which I know you hate, about how he’s neck and neck with Biden in certain swing states,” Behar said.

“I thought this is a guy if he wins it’s all about revenge. Nixon had an enemies list. A lot of people thought it was an honor to be on it. He was out to get these people who are political enemies,” she said.

“This guy will deploy the military against demonstrators. People need to understand what this means in this country if he wins again,” The View co-host alleged.