‘That Is Ludicrous!’ – Cruz Slams Blinken (Video)

(TheProudRepublic.com) – For surrendering to the extreme leftist agenda, Republican Texas Senator Ted Cruz slammed Secretary of State Antony Blinken over the Biden administration’s decision to delay a crucial weapons shipment to Israel.

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The White House administration decided in late April to pause the transfer of a munitions package to Israel, which caused concern that it may be used in an Israel Defense Forces (IDF) operation in Rafah.

Cruz criticized Blinken and the administration for pressuring Israel to scale back its military actions against Hamas and for stopping the munitions delivery.

“Senator, I was in Israel five days since Oct. 7. I’ve been there seven times since. No one, starting with President Biden, has done more to make sure they have what they need to defend themselves from Hamas to deal with the threat that Hamas’ poses,” Blinken told Cruz. “[You’re] simply wrong.”

“That is ludicrous! Why have you cut off weapons to Israel, then?” Cruz retorted.

Blinken clarified that the weapons transfers to Israel have not ceased, which referred to a memorandum of understanding from the Obama era that ensures ten years of military aid to Israel.

Moreover, the Texas senator then accused the Biden administration of empowering Iran, which he argued had a significant role in recent attacks against Israel through its support of terrorist groups across the Middle East.

He panned the administration for its handling of sanctions on Iran, which he claimed allowed Iran to profit from oil revenues and gain billions from a hostage exchange deal and sanctions waivers.

“This administration — you and President Biden — funded the Oct. 7 [Hamas attacks against Israel] by flowing $100 billion to a homicidal, genocidal regime that funded those attacks,” Cruz claimed.

“That statement is profoundly wrong,” Blinken countered. “I’m not even going to humor it. I think it’s a disgraceful statement.”

In contrast, Blinken defended the administration’s efforts and stated that despite their enforcement of sanctions, Iran continues to find ways to bypass them.

While the munitions package in question included 1,800 large-scale bombs and 1,700 smaller bombs, the administration expressed concerns that these could be deployed in densely populated areas within Gaza, including Rafah.

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