Texas Gov Gives the Command

(TheProudRepublic.com) – In great news to US patriots and a blow to the leftist America haters, a federal appeals court has overturned a ruling against a Texas border protection law, leading the Lone Star State’s GOP Governor, Greg Abbott, to declare that state police will now be able to capture illegal alien invaders.

The 5th US Circuit Court of Appeals has reversed a decision made by a lower court that had initially halted the enforcement of the new Texas legislation.

This ruling now empowers Texas law enforcement officers to arrest migrants suspected of illegally crossing the border between Texas and Mexico, The Insider Paper reports.

Under this legislation, state judges are required to advise convicted migrants to return to Mexico and assign local law enforcement the duty of transporting these individuals to the border.

The law also features a provision for the dismissal of charges should a migrant agree to voluntarily leave the US and return to Mexico.

Yet, the appeals court has put a temporary hold on its ruling for seven days, giving the federal government an opportunity to seek intervention from the US Supreme Court.

Should the Supreme Court choose not to act, the Texas immigration law could be put into effect as early as Saturday, amidst ongoing legal proceedings.

Furthermore, the appeals court indicated its intention to schedule oral arguments soon, although a specific date remains unconfirmed as of Monday.

The prior decision by US District Judge David Ezra, based in Austin, who blocked the enforcement of Senate Bill 4, claimed the Texas law “threatens the fundamental notion that the United States must regulate immigration with one voice.”

Presently, the law’s enactment is postponed until March 9, pending a decision from the Supreme Court, though it was initially set to enter into force on March 5.

“We will not back down in our fight to protect our state — and our nation — from President Biden’s border crisis,” Governor Abbott declared.

Abbott further affirmed Texas’ sovereign right to safeguard its borders against what he deems to be the open-border policies of the Biden administration.

He anticipates that the Supreme Court may decide to rule on the law’s constitutionality.

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