Tattooed Thugs Attack Cop With Fire Extinguisher (Video) 

( – A sickening new episode in the ongoing war on police has seen a tattooed gang attacking an NYPD traffic enforcement agent with a fire extinguisher, with one  of the thugs later identified and arrested.

See the video of the attack on the police officer below!

The particularly egregious incident, which was captured in a disturbing video that subsequently went viral, is currently under investigation by authorities, The New York Post reports.

Escarlin Polanco Gonzalez, 19, who is recognizable by a prominent neck tattoo displayed in an NYPD mugshot distributed on Monday, is alleged to have participated in this felony which occurred last Thursday at the intersection of St. Nicholas Avenue and West 118th Street in Harlem.

This assault resulted in the agent sustaining an eye injury severe enough to necessitate hospitalization, police reported.

The incident unfolded early in the morning, approximately at 6:50 a.m., when a uniformed 43-year-old agent, operating a marked NYPD vehicle, was approached by a gray four-door sedan occupied by four individuals at the aforementioned Harlem intersection.

The unsettling sequence captured and shared on Instagram shows a passenger in the front seat of the sedan, who was holding a fire extinguisher.

The passenger is observed shouting “Yo!” at the agent, then proceeded to discharge the extinguisher directly through the open window of the police cruiser.

The video reveals the occupants of the sedan laughing raucously and retreating from the scene as music blares in the background.

Additionally, a fully-masked individual seated in the back of the sedan is seen and heard chanting “Lord Diablo,” a phrase connoting devilish symbolism.

Following the attack, the injured officer was promptly transported to Mount Sinai Morningside hospital where he was subsequently listed in stable condition.

Regarding Polanco Gonzalez’s criminal background, it has been disclosed by law enforcement sources that he has been apprehended on two prior occasions.

His initial arrest was due to reckless endangerment related to operating a dirt bike in December.

A subsequent arrest occurred merely two days later, with charges pertaining to a robbery, although records of this arrest have been sealed, sources indicated.

As of Tuesday morning, following the dissemination of the video capturing the fire extinguisher attack, law enforcement officials reported that no further arrests had been made in connection to the incident.

Additionally, the NYPD has circulated photographs of another suspect, currently unnamed, who was observed boarding an MTA bus.

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