STUNNING Prediction – Trump Will Make History!

( – According to a stunning prediction from Miami-Dade County Commissioner Kevin Cabrera, former President Donald Trump will be the first Republican candidate in history to win the nation’s Hispanic vote.

“We’re unifying, whether it be on the platform, whether it be having the Hispanic vote solidified behind President Trump,” Cabrera, who introduced Trump at his rally in Doral, Florida, this week, asserted.

Trump leads by 39% to 34% in most national polls on the Hispanic vote, Cabrera noted. “My prediction is he will be the first Republican presidential candidate to win the Hispanic vote nationally.”

Meanwhile, Cabrera commented that there is a “stark contrast” between Republicans with Trump and Joe Biden.

“The other side is in free fall,” Cabrera added. “They don’t know who their candidate is going to be. Maybe it’s Joe Biden, maybe it’s Kamala [Harris], maybe Gavin Newsom. But they have yet to figure that out.”

Moreover, a recent Emerson poll showed Trump ahead in swing states like Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Cabrera said hopes are high in Florida for Trump.

“We’re no longer a swing state,” he asserted. “We went from a state that had nearly 800,000 more Democrats than Republicans when President [Barack] Obama won to now having nearly a million more Republicans than Democrats in Florida.”

Florida is not a swing state, which means candidates do not visit often, but Floridians were happy to see Trump speak at his Trump National Doral Miami resort.

Additionally, Trump offers an “opportunity for the American dream,” Cabrera said. “It’s a stark contrast to what we have today with the failed Biden-Harris political agenda.”

Cabrera also spoke about Trump’s pending announcement for his running mate pick. North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum, Ohio Senator. J.D. Vance and Florida Senator Marco Rubio are said to be in the final running.

The commissioner hopes the final pick will be from his state. If it is Rubio, Cabrera said the senator is “ready to be president on day one.”

He also predicted that Rubio would “mop the floor” in a vice-presidential debate with Harris.

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