SouthWest CEO Admits The Truth

Photo by Gayatri Malhotra on Unsplash

Biden’s in trouble now.

SouthWest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly slammed President Joe Biden stating that he does not support the vaccine mandate that he was forced to give out to his airline workers. Biden moved on this mandate recently forcing all airlines to make their workers get the vaccine or be fired from their job. This caused massive protests among airline workers with SouthWest being one of the most prominent.

Kelly made his remarks on CNBC and stated that his current protests have nothing to do with the vaccine mandate that was given out by the White House. He did however state that he does not support the mandate that is being given out. Kelly stated that his employees have “very strong views” about the current mandate and he is “not in favor” of it. He continued stating that He was never in favor of any corporations forcing their workers with these kinds of mandates and that he has “no issue” working with employees who do not want to get the vaccine. He stated that the workers who do not want to get the vaccine imposed by the current mandate should seek accommodations that can be for either “medical or religious reasons.”

He stated that his goal during this time is to not lose any workers because of the mandate that was handed down by President Biden but rather work with his employees to get them to try to stay with the airline during these times. He stated that this is a major issue that the company has to work on, but he insisted that the protests over the past weekend were not due to the vaccine mandate.