Shocking Discovery Made About Biden’s Doc Scandal

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Reports have surfaced that Hunter Biden — the Biden plagued in controversy — quarantined with other family members at President Joe Biden’s Wilmington, Del. home.

Referencing excerpts from Hunter Biden’s April 2021 memoir reports detail how the President’s son explained how he and other family members were at the Wilmington, Del. home on the night of the 2020 Presidential election (November 3, 2020).

In his memoir, Hunter explains he was accompanied by his wife, Melissa Cohen, their children, his half-sister Ashley Biden and her husband Howard Krein, who watched the election coverage unfold.

Listing one of his gripes about the 2020 election, Hunter Biden decried the lengthy ballot counting process but mentioned that the silver lining was that he could endure the wait with family.

He then added that the group wasn’t only waiting for the 2020 election results to be called, but they had been “quarantined together” and couldn’t “escape” each other.

Besides being quarantined in the home in 2020 during the 2020 election, other reports detail other instances of Hunter Biden — who faces several probes into his business dealings and taxes — spending time at the home where classified documents were found in the garage.

One such instance is a trip he made with his father to the home on December 16, four days before Biden’s lawyers found another set of classified documents besides the President’s Corvette.

Since his father has taken office, Hunter has visited the Wilmington home on approximately four or five occasions that can be confirmed.