SHAMEFUL: Biden Has Done THIS 3 Times (video)

Joe Biden

( – In a blatant display of impotence and leadership failure, Joe Biden has abandoned American civilians in a foreign war zone for the third time in three years – this time in Israel, which was viciously attacked by Palestinian Islamic terrorists last weekend.

At least 25 Americans are among the 1,200 people killed in Israel in the October 7 invasion by the Hamas and Islamic Jihad groups. At least 150 are presumed abducted, including four US citizens.

Against that backdrop, many Americans have remained stranded in Israel for days, unable to leave. Meanwhile, other nations, such as Mexico, have successfully carried out evacuation flights, The Daily Caller reports.

It points out the situation in Israel marks the third time the Biden administration has failed to evacuate US citizens amid an armed conflict, including the botched US military pullout from Afghanistan in 2021 and the civil war in Sudan that broke out in April 2023.

The crisis in Israel, triggered by a terrorist attack by Hamas, has left various Americans, including a 41-member church group from St. Louis, Missouri, seeking ways to exit the embattled country.

The group found themselves stranded due to the suspension of commercial flights, as reported by Fox 2 News. However, with aid from US Senator Eric Schmitt (R-MO), they escaped to Jordan, awaiting further travel options to the United States.

“They were literally on their own, in a foreign land, with a war going on, going to a country that they don’t know anything about,” church member Trevor Wolfe told KMOV News.

Arizona Pastor Kane Adkins’ family also experienced the chaos of disrupted travel plans when their return flight was canceled, leaving them stranded amid the conflict, reports CBS 5 News.

“They originally told us that they could fly us out on Wednesday. Now they’re trying to tell us that American air flights or air traffic is being canceled, maybe it might happen on Friday or Saturday, they’re saying. I have three little ones at home, and they don’t all know what’s going on,” Adkins explained.

Meanwhile, according to Reuters and Aviation Week Network, various countries, including Brazil, Poland, Hungary, and Bulgaria, have managed to evacuate their citizens from Israel.

On Tuesday, America’s next-door neighbor, Mexico, also successfully evacuated 135 of its nationals from the attacked US ally.