Sen. Kennedy: ‘This Thing’s Over’

( – Yet another Republican joins the former president in his crusade to Make America Great Again as Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana has officially thrown his support behind Donald Trump, following Trump’s recent primary victories in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Kennedy made his endorsement public via a social media post, where he explained his decision to wait until the results of the New Hampshire primary were in.

Kennedy’s post highlighted his belief in the importance of competition, but he also acknowledged the clear outcome of the primary contests.

“This thing’s over,” Kennedy stated. He framed the upcoming election as a choice between “hope and more hurt,” unequivocally choosing the former. “I am endorsing Pres. Trump and look forward to working with him,” he declared.

Kennedy joins a growing list of GOP senators who have announced their support for Trump following his strong showing in New Hampshire.

However, some prominent Republicans from Louisiana, like Sen. Bill Cassidy, who previously voted to convict Trump and certified Joe Biden’s election, and GOP Rep. Garret Graves, have yet to endorse anyone, as reported by

House Majority Leader Steve Scalise, another Louisiana Republican, had already voiced his support for Trump on January 2.

Scalise emphasized the need for a president who prioritizes the welfare and safety of American families and workers, capable of rescuing the nation from what he termed “failed Bidenomics” and restoring its greatness. “Donald Trump has a proven track record of being able to save our country and get us back on track,” Scalise remarked.

Fellow Louisiana Republicans, Representatives Clay Higgins and Julia Letlow, are also among those who have backed Trump, as noted by

Meanwhile, Trump’s primary opponent, Nikki Haley, remains in the race. GOP chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, commenting on the situation, indicated that Haley should consider exiting the race soon.

Post-New Hampshire primary, McDaniel pointed to the clear message from voters and the urgency of uniting around Trump to ensure victory against Joe Biden in the upcoming election.

She stressed the importance of acting swiftly to address key issues, such as border security and inflation, under Biden’s administration.