Semi-Automatic Guns Officially Getting Banned?

Photo by Toxic Player on Unsplash

A federal judge in Illinois issued a temporary injunction that blocks the enforcement of a gun law banning some semi-automatic rifles and high-capacity magazines.

On Friday (April 28) afternoon, U.S. District Judge for the Southern District of Illinois, Stephen Patrick McGlynn, issued a ruling saying the court must consider “the rights guaranteed by the Constitution.”

Illinois Democratic Governor J.B. Pritzker signed the ban in January, also developing penalties for individuals who carry or possess, “manufactures, sells, delivers, imports or purchases” an assault weapon or .50 caliber rifle.

The bill also meant those who legally own a firearm must register it with the Illinois State Police.

Gun Owners of America, the plaintiff in the case, said in a statement released after McGlynn made his ruling, asserting that the ruling should send a message to Pritzker.

Gun Owners of America Vice President Erich Pratt argued that “Governor Pritzker and his anti-gun cabal” in Illinois’ legislature thought they would be able to “steam roll the Second Amendment,” noting that McGlynn’s decision clarifies that they “abused” their power and violated the rights of their citizens, adding that the GOA “look forward to continuing this fight.”

Explaining his decision, McGlynn wrote in his decision that his ruling was not an attempt to “minimize” the harm that occurs when a firearm is used for illegal purposes but added that the law limited the Second Amendment right for Illinois residents.

McGlynn granted a temporary injunction against the Protect Illinois Communities Act, explaining that the bill didn’t only regulate the rights of people to defend themselves; but restricted and, in some cases “obliterated” that right.