Schumer: Pass Border Bill or THIS Happens (Video)

( – In a pathetic attempt to force House Republicans to cave in to leftist pressure to keep the Southern Border open to invaders, Democrat Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has tried to leverage a separate security issue – the possibility of US troops fighting Putin’s Russia if Ukraine loses the war.

See the video with Schumer’s warning below.

In an MSNBC interview on Monday, Schumer (D-NY) warned that a potential failure to pass the Senate’s proposed border bill, which allocates $60 billion worth of US military aid to Ukraine, could lead to that nation getting fully defeated and conquered by Putin’s Russia.

In turn, this would allow the Russian leader Vladimir Putin to invade other nations, including US allies in the NATO alliance.

That would result in US military deployment to Eastern Europe within a few years.

“We’re at a turning point in America [which] is crucial and history will look back on it and say did America fail itself? Why is it crucial? Well, if we don’t aid Ukraine, Putin will walk all over Ukraine, we will lose the war. And we could be fighting in eastern Europe in a NATO ally in a few years. Americans won’t like that,” the Senate Majority Leader warned.

He added that if the bill, which also allocates $14 billion in US military aid to Israel, failed to pass, the Jewish State’s war against the Palestinian Arab terrorist group Hamas “will go on and on.”

As the proposed legislation contains $20 billion for US border security, Schumer admitted that the Southern Border was “chaos.”

“This is crucial for America. It’s a turning point. History is going to look over our shoulders and say, ‘Did we rise to the occasion?’” he argued.

In a bid for bipartisan support, Schumer lauded Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) for helping negotiate the bill.

At the same time, he blasted former President Donald Trump for allegedly wishing to preserve major crises until he could win the 2024 election and enter the White House.

“Too many Republicans, including Speaker [Mike] Johnson are just scared to death of Donald Trump. Donald Trump has said he wants chaos. Donald Trump has said well wait till I become president. That will take at least a year. Ukraine could be gone. The border will get much worse. War in the Middle East will get worse, maybe bringing us into it,” Schumer said.