Rittenhouse SLAMS Former Lawyers

Photo by David Veksler on Unsplash

Here’s is what Rittenhouse had to say…

In a shocking revelation, Kyle Rittenhouse, who was just acquitted of all charges placed against him following a shooting in Kenosha, claimed that his former lawyers, Lin Wood and John Pierce, actually prolonged his time in jail and even gave him bad advice after he was arrested.

According to the Washington Examiner, Rittenhouse told Fox’s Tucker Carlson that they were able to raise over $1 million by September 5th, 2020, and easily had enough to money to bail himself out of jail.

Rittenhouse noted that Lin Wood was raising money on his behalf and could have easily bailed him out but they still opted to keep him in jail for 87 days and disrespected his wishes. Rittenhouse claims that he was told he would be safer in jail than being home with his family.

Rittenhouse then explained how he was scared in jail and lost a lot of weight while there due to his former lawyers poor advice. Rittenhouse ended up getting bailed out of jail on Nov. 20th, 2020, after paying a bail of $2 million with money that was raised by donors.

“[They were] trying to raise money so they could take it for their own benefit, not trying to set me free,” Rittenhouse admitted. “They wanted to keep me in jail until Nov. 20.”

It’s rare that attorneys land a client as widely recognized as Kyle Rittenhouse. These attorneys seemed might have seen this as one of their ‘once in a lifetime’ cases. Perhaps they were focused more on their pocketbooks, initially, than their client’s best interests.