RFK Wants To Do THIS to Black Americans!?

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

(TheProudRepublic.com) – Robert F. Kennedy Jr., now an independent candidate in the 2024 presidential race, has come out in support of reparations for Black Americans.

This move is perceived by many as an attempt to gain a competitive edge over Joe Biden, who hasn’t made any explicit statements regarding this topic.

Earlier in the year, when pressed for a stance on reparations, the White House did not give a direct answer but instead deferred the matter to Congress.

The White House press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, explained to journalists, “We understand that there’s legislation on the Hill currently on this, on the study of reparations and we think Congress is the appropriate venue for consideration on such action. And so, we’re going to leave it there for Congress to decide, to let them go through their process that they’re taking at this moment.”

Kennedy’s approach to reparations focuses on investing federal tax money in initiatives that would benefit Black communities directly. He has proposed funneling these funds into rebuilding essential institutions in Black communities, such as banks and businesses. Contrary to the notion of general cash distributions, Kennedy emphasizes “direct redress payments or tax credits.”

Kennedy’s campaign website elaborates on his stance: “Communities that were specifically targeted for destruction need to be specifically targeted for repair. During Jim Crow, Black banks, businesses, hospitals, schools, and farms were targeted for destruction. Racists knew that without these, the Black community had no chance of building wealth. We must set federal dollars aside to rebuild Black infrastructure.”

The site further states, “These programs complement direct redress payments or tax credits to the descendants of the victims of Jim Crow and other victims of persecution. RFK Jr. will find ways to offer this redress that are legal, fair, and win the approval of Americans of all races.”

In a conversation with YouTuber Math Hoffa in July, Kennedy expanded on his views, suggesting that his reparations strategy would not only benefit Black communities but also the larger population. He believed such initiatives would “be less likely to contribute to polarization between blacks and whites because it benefits everybody. Everybody, even people who are Trumpers … everybody wants business to work and to flourish.”