Republicans Winning

Photo by Rajiv Perera on Unsplash

People know Democrats aren’t good for America.

New polls have shown that the GOP is making inroads among Hispanic voters, especially in Texas, where the GOP has invested heavily in the Hispanic community.

Speaking to Fox News Digital, Macarena Martinez, the Republican National Committee’s (RNC) Texas communication director, said the RNC’s investment in Texas is the largest in the organization’s history, enabling the RNC to open community outreach centers in Hispanic communities.

These community outreach centers aren’t focused primarily on politics. Instead, Martinez revealed, they focused on everything from faith-based events, training on cryptocurrency, and starting a business in addition to “speaking about the Republican Party and our mission” in the southern half of the Lonestar State, where most of these outreach centers are located.

Martinez expressed that the locations are foremost community centers, not political offices, before mentioning they were in areas without a traditional Republican base, where the GOP can make inroads.

This “ramp up” in outreach has been spurred by a shift in Hispanic communities toward the GOP, as Hispanic voters have flocked to the Republican party in recent elections, causing the Democratic presence in these communities to wane.

As recently as last November, Texas State Representative Ryan Guillen left the Democratic Party for the GOP after winning his seat by nearly 17 points in the 2020 election and serving in the Texas House for nearly two decades. His flip was catapulted by Biden’s administration adopting policies from the defund the police movement in addition to the border crisis deepening.

Martinez also mentioned that Biden’s border narrative and “Democrats’ constant pandering” contributed to the shift, which she believes would “play out in 2022 during the midterm elections.”

Emma Vaughn, the RNC’s national press secretary, also expressed that the reason Hispanics were abandoning the Democratic party nationally was that the party’s “policies are failing them across the country.”

Vaughn pointed to a poor economy, “the supply chain crisis, the border” and numerous other crises, which she said were causing Hispanics to be “brought down” and “left behind.”

In contrast, she said that under former President Donal Trump, the Hispanic community experienced “record-low unemployment, they saw record-high homeownership,” which she touted as the reason Hispanics were casting their ballots for the GOP.