Republican Governor Accused Of Heinous Crime

World Travel & Tourism Council, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Dean Obeidallah, a frequent CNN columnist and MSNBC contributor, spent much of his time over the weekend bashing Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) for “human trafficking” illegal immigrants to NYC.

Obeidallah was joined by Washington Post contributor Jennifer Rubin who chimed in on the criticism.

On Friday (August 5), after reports surfaced that Abbott had bused illegal immigrants to Manhattan, Obeidallah tweeted, “More of GOP’s brutality on display: ‘Texas GOP governor sends migrants to New York City.'”

He shared the news again on Saturday, adding that he “Need[s] to re up this bc it’s triggered the crap out of MAGA. Every time I trigger a Trumper an angel gets their wings. I made a legion of angels.”

Saturday’s tweet also garnered the attention of Rubin, who jokingly responded, “I dunno. Sending people to arguably the greatest city in the world where they’ll get work and be welcomed seems good. God forbid they should have to live in Texas – with gun violence, a flaky grid, forced birth, etc.”

However, it appears Obeidallah didn’t get the humor, replying in a serious tone: “We both know that’s not the issue. It’s using human beings as political props. It’s vile. But in nyc the volunteers met the bus to help the people abbot [sic] was human trafficking.”

Clarifying her humor, Rubin replied, “I know, I’m slamming Texas.”

When Obeidallah first tweeted his criticism of Abbott on Friday, plenty of conservatives mocked him for implying New York City — a sanctuary city —couldn’t handle the illegal immigrants.

The Spectator contributing editor Stephen Miller tweeted, “Read the poem on the Statue of Liberty, Dean.”

Actor Travis Wester also replied to Obeidallah, querying “how sending migrants to a ‘sanctuary city’ is in any way ‘brutal.'”

Obeidallah’s tweet also appeared to abscond President Joe Biden for the migrant crisis at the Southern border that has caused a record-breaking number of migrants to enter the country illegally.

It’s this crisis — and the pressure on border towns — that Abbott revealed he was responding to by busing migrants to other cities that have said they would welcome migrants.