Rand Paul Makes Shocking Statement In Senate

Photo by Ian Hutchinson on Unsplash

Here’s what he said.

Senator Rand Paul blasted Democratic efforts for raising the debt ceiling even higher after the debt count rose close to thirty trillion. His remarks come after Democrats plan to raise the debt ceiling limit to fit their needs for the years to come. During the stalemate of the bill, the U.S. risked defaulting which would have caused a full government shutdown and could have crashed the economy. Fortunately, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell passed a short term bill that would fund the government until the end of 2021.

Senator Rand Paul stated on the Senate floor that there needs to be some kind of compromise taken by the Democrats. He questioned if there is any “ramification” for the amount of borrowed money the U.S has. He added that the money has to come from somewhere and that nothing can be given out for free whether it be college, cell phones, or even cars. He continued his statement adding that the U.S. is facing massive inflation due to the mass amounts of borrowing that both parties have taken.

He further stated that both parties thought to “shut down” the economy, lay off millions of jobs, then start handing free money to Americans. He stated that both parties are responsible for the mess that everyone is in right now. He stated that both parties are spending too much money on projects and bills that are not important to daily American life. He concluded stating that if both parties continue to spend like this then the U.S. will be in very big trouble concerning debt.