Prostitutes Overrunning This Democrat City

( – As a victim of its extreme liberal policies, Los Angeles has seen a massive surge in the number of sex workers on its streets, many of whom appear very young. This comes in the wake of California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s move to decriminalize sex work at the beginning of 2023.

Recent findings revealed a sharp rise in the visibility of sex workers in South LA, especially along Figueroa Boulevard, as reported by the New York Post. The increase seems to have been triggered by the recent decriminalization.

An individual commented to the Post, “Before, this type of activity only happened at night where most citizens wouldn’t see it, but now it’s 24/7. Now you can drive by at 2 p.m. and see it. Families drive by and see 10 girls on the corner, condoms on the ground.” The source added, “You go by the alleys and you see a guy in the middle of the alley and a woman performing [fellatio]. And a mom and her kids have to pass by that. It’s ridiculous, all in the open broad daylight. God only knows the impact it has on those kids who have to see this.”

Imagery from the area showcased many women working in broad daylight, leading some to question the consequences of Newsom’s policy decisions.

According to the New York Post, the Los Angeles Police Department is now restricted in its engagement with sex workers. Officers are not allowed to approach them unless they appear to be minors. The report also states that some are willing to engage in sexual activities for as low as $40.

With the growing number of sex workers, local charities are overwhelmed, and many women are reportedly hesitant to seek assistance. The situation has led some to ponder whether the issue is solely about prostitution or if it’s more about human trafficking.

Sex worker activist Ashley Madness voiced her support for Gov. Newsom’s policy, stating, “We hope that the Safer Streets for All Act will help people understand how policing does not create public safety, and will immediately deprive police of one tool they use to harass and oppress folks based on race and gender.” This perspective contrasts with concerns about the potential risks and negative outcomes associated with prostitution.