Professor Called Israelis What?!

Mika Tosca

( – In a nauseating case of far-left extremism, a transgender US climate professor has called Israelis “pigs” and “irredeemable excrement” after over 1,400 of them were recently massacred by Islamist terrorists – and has now belatedly offered an apology.

Dr. Mika Tosca, an associate professor at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) and a climate scientist, faced backlash after posting comments on her Instagram regarding Israelis, which many perceived as anti-Semitic, The New York Post reports.

After, on October 7, the Palestinian Islamist terrorist group Hamas invaded Israel, Tosca made statements including, “Israelis are pigs. Savages,” and “Very bad people. Irredeemable excrement.”

“After the past week, if your eyes aren’t open to the crimes against humanity that Israel is committing… then I suggest you open them. It’s disgusting and grotesque. May they all rot in hell,” he stated further.

Realizing the gravity of her remarks, Tosca, described as a “trans-identifying individual,” later expressed regret, writing on her Instagram.

“Yesterday I wrote some things on my Instagram story that I unequivocally reject and do not stand behind,” he wrote.

“I am deeply sorry for writing what I wrote, and for hurting many people with my words, and I am especially sorry to Israeli people that I broadly placed at fault for the war,” the climate scientist added.

“He acknowledged that her words “perpetuated harmful stereotypes” and committed to learning and doing better.

“To the many Israeli and Jewish people who I hurt with my words: I am truly sorry. I own my mistake and promise to be better. I hope you can forgive me,” Tosca concluded.

The group Stop Antisemitism brought attention to her comments and subsequent apology.

Liora Rex, the executive director of this group, emphasized that the institution Tosca works for should address her statements, suggesting that “Jewish students deserve to feel safe on campus.”

The art institute confirmed their awareness of Tosca’s initial comments, distancing themselves from her views, stating they “repudiate” her post.

The Israel-Hamas conflict has spurred various reactions from academics, leading to multiple controversies.

For instance, Joseph Massad, a professor at Columbia University, garnered attention when he labeled Hamas’ attack on Israeli citizens as “awesome.”

A petition has since been launched, advocating for his removal. Meanwhile, associate professor Russell Rickford at Cornell University faced criticism after expressing enthusiasm for the surge in anti-Israeli violence.