Pelosi’s Secret Ties To China Revealed?

Nancy Pelosi, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Republican Senator Ted Cruz (Texas) questioned if Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA.) speech at the Southwest Conference on Sunday (March 12), where she told the crowd not to “go after China,” was sponsored by the Chinese government.

During a series on the “Future of Democracy,” the Democratic lawmaker urged for global cooperation to stop climate change.

Speaking at the Line Hotel Austin, Pelosi asserted, “you can’t just go after China with a cudgel,” questioning how nations can “work together to save the planet from climate change?”

The Democratic lawmaker explained that China is “essential in that discussion,” adding how it would be possible to “work on issues” with China and “find common ground.”

Sharing a video of Pelosi’s comments on Twitter, Cruz asked, “Did the CCP [Chinese Communist Party] write these remarks?”

The SXSW sessions, presented by The Atlantic, included sessions about American political parties’ evolution and democracy in the U.S. and abroad.

During a panel discussion, Pelosi also spoke about changes in the GOP and Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse.

While discussing the Republican Party, Pelosi shared her belief that the GOP had turned “into a cult.”

She also referenced January 6, saying that everyone witnessed “there is a sentiment in our country that is anarchist.”

Pelosi mentioned that she had spoken to her “Republican friends” and told them to “take back [their] party.”

She noted that Republican Party has done “great things for our country,” adding that the U.S. “needs a strong Republican Party,” but asserted the GOP “turned into a cult, to a thug,” with “radical, right-wing, destructive,” leaders.