Parents Erupt After Democrats House Migrants Where?

Photo by Barbara Zandoval on Unsplash

New York City Mayor Eric Adams and several city leaders face public backlash over their decision to place migrants in some of the city’s public schools.

Lakeisha Bowers, whose son graduated from a Brooklyn school now home to migrants, and NYC Councilman Ari Kagan (R) joined “Fox and Friends” on Tuesday (May 16) to explain why members of the community are upset about the latest developments.

Kagan highlighted that the school wasn’t a “hotel,” or a “shelter,” explaining that children shouldn’t have to “pay for the misguided policies of the Biden administration,” because the school gym was being.

According to the New York Post, dozens of migrants were housed in a gym near P.S. 188 Brooklyn Elementary School with no timeline for how long the building will be occupied as an emergency migrant shelter.

The immigrants arrived two days after the principal of PS 188 warned the city to designate the school as a temporary emergency shelter for migrants.

Late last week, several migrant families were to be sent to a separate gym adjacent to the school, but that plan was shelved due to community outcry.

“Why a school?” one woman who lives close to the Coney Island school queried, adding, “There’s always other options.”

The woman noted that there were plenty of buildings in the area that had been used as emergency shelters.

New York City continues to struggle to house and care for immigrants coming from across the southern border — many of whom have been relocated from border states like Texas.

During the past year, tens of thousands of migrants arrived in the city.

Bowers described what happened when parents began learning about the plan, which is now said to be spreading to at least six other schools in the Brooklyn area, insisting that they weren’t given “enough notice” relaying how they were told on Friday, with migrants arriving on Saturday — and suggested there were better places for Migrant housing like churches.