Outrageous Signs Anger Travelers

(TheProudRepublic.com) – American travelers are expressing their anger over recent developments at US airports that seemingly prove illegal aliens are boarding aircraft without the identification checks that Americans must pass.

Specifically, according to documents on display (see below), US airports are apparently allowing migrants to board flights without the standard identification required of US citizens, and this whole situation has sparked a heated debate about fairness and security in travel protocols.

The core of the issue lies in signs at select airports indicating that the Transport Security Administration (TSA) is working with Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to validate travel documentation for adult non-US citizens who lack conventional forms of identification. Specifically, this involves migrants using the CBP One app, which approximately 45,000 people a month utilize as a travel document, with an option to allow or decline having their picture taken.

Chris Clem, a retired CBP Chief Patrol Agent, voiced his concerns, highlighting what he perceives as preferential treatment for migrants. Clem’s statement reflects a broader sentiment among American citizens who feel burdened by rising costs and taxes, questioning the prioritization of migrants in such processes.

Clem further criticizes the administration’s approach, questioning the practicality and necessity of offering such conveniences to migrants who have already navigated complex routes to reach the US. He raises critical questions about the reliability of the identity verification process, especially for those who arrive at the border without passports or ID cards. Clem points to potential security risks, citing discarded identification documents found at the border and the possibility of individuals misrepresenting their identities.

The TSA, CBP, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) have not responded to media inquiries on this matter. However, CBP has emphasized that migrants entering the country are vetted using biographic and biometric information, and those paroled have provided photographs.

The sign at the airport also indicates that the current vetting scheme is a pilot program, suggesting it is not a permanent policy yet. This development has caught the attention of Sen. Ted Cruz (R., Texas), who has written to DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas seeking clarification on the screening of migrants using the CBP One app and subsequently boarding flights. Cruz’s letter highlights concerns about the differing standards for identity verification between American citizens and migrants, raising alarms about the potential for security breaches.

The DHS, in response, has stated that all passengers, including noncitizens, have the right to opt out of automated facial recognition, and any noncitizen posing a public safety threat is detained and prosecuted. They also mention that the use of CBP One is part of an enhanced security program initiated in 2021, designed to verify individuals’ identities and ensure they have been vetted by DHS.

Here’s a Tweet that perfectly encapsulates how angry American citizens are with the ongoing situation at airports.