One More Popular GOP Governor To Run For President

Photo by Srikanta H. U on Unsplash

Georgia Republican Gov. Brian Kemp revealed that he might eventually place a bid for the White House, but currently, he has no plans of immediately trying to win the Presidency. Earlier this year, Kemp had claimed that he was not going to run in the 2024 presidential election.

In an interview on WSB-TV, Kemp revealed that his focus right now was on his family and state. He added that while in office he has had to deal with COVID-19, anti-police protests, the previous presidential election and its aftermath, and his own reelection in 2022.

Kemp noted that with politics he never completely states something is off the table. This was his response when he was asked if he could see himself in the future running for the White House. Kemp further added that whether or not he would run in the future remains to be seen.

He specifically added that it all depends on what they meant by the future and if it was a reference to next year, four years from now, or even later. The governor proceeded to state that he was looking to win back a sense of normalcy following the last few years of ruling in Georgia. He further mentioned that he and his family had been through a lot in recent years and that he was happy to return to a more normal family life.

Despite Kemp repeatedly claiming he is not running in the 2024 presidential elections, many people are questioning whether or not he will end up running.