Ocasio-Cortez Targets Biden

Dimitri Rodriguez, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

AOC is furious!

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez blamed Democrats for West Virginia Democrat, Senator Joe Manchin’s refusal to back President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better deal and support voting rights reform.

Addressing a town hall on Thursday (March 24), AOC said that House Democrats had “passed all $40 billion” but noted that although Democrats “got it,” Manchin is “sitting on it.” She then attributed Manchin delaying the bill to babies “sleeping in bubble jackets in the NYCHA with no heat and no boilers,” adding that it was making her “mad.”

However, AOC would also direct her frustration at President Joe Biden, saying he was “coddling” Manchin’s ego.

Referring to an attempt by Democrats and Biden to appease Manchin, AOC stated, “If it hasn’t worked in two years, why are we going to continue doing that when there’s an election this November?”

Manchin has been grabbing headlines since last year, when he opposed Biden’s $3.5 trillion social spending package, because of its hefty price, among other reasons.

The Democratic Congresswoman has long expressed her contempt for Manchin, saying he was standing in the way of “basic human rights.”

She went on to condemn the power Manchin wielded in whether or not the bill would be passed.

“This idea that one person gets to go on television and provide weak arguments as to why they are blocking the basic civil rights of our Americans and journalists don’t push back, and our party leadership doesn’t push back, and the president doesn’t push back forcefully — that makes me mad.”

She then expressed that what Manchin was doing by holding up the bill was “unacceptable.”

She also referenced Manchin’s decision to vote against the For the People Act because he believed voting reform had become overly political, noting that the administration was “stripping one essential function of citizenship because one Democratic Senator from West Virginia doesn’t think it’s important enough.”