Obama’s Man: ‘He’s Not Winning This Race’ (Video)

Barack Obama

(TheProudRepublic.com) – In a devastating new case of “friendly fire” on Joe Biden by a very high-profile Democrat, David Axelrod, the principal strategist for former President Barack Obama, declared that Biden “is not winning this race,” that is, the 2024 election.

See the video of Axelrod’s comments in the tweet below!

He indicated that it seems more plausible that Biden will “lose by a landslide” rather than manage a marginal victory.

“He’s not winning this race,” Axelrod declared on CNN’s “Inside Politics.”

“If you just look at the data and talk to people around the country, political people around the country, it’s more likely that he’ll lose by a landslide than win narrowly this race,” he analyzed further, referring to Biden, 81, previously vice president under Obama.

Amidst Democratic dissent following Biden’s notably poor debate performance against Republican Donald Trump, Obama has maintained his public support for Biden.

However, Axelrod has repeatedly expressed concerns about the voter discomfort due to Biden’s age, which has apparently caused friction with the president.

“If the stakes are as large as [Biden] says, and I believe they are, then he really needs to consider what the right thing to do here is,” Axelrod stated, as cited by The New York Post.

Axelrod has criticized Biden’s debate performance harshly as “woeful” and wrote a CNN op-ed succinctly characterizing Biden’s major televised post-debate interview with ABC News with the words: “Denial. Delusion. Defiance.”

“[Biden] seemed to deny where he is in the race. He seems not to grasp what is the big concern that people have,” Axelrod commented on Biden’s recent interview.

Despite these criticisms, Axelrod acknowledged Biden’s history of overcoming severe adversities, suggesting his enduring belief in overcoming any challenge.

However, he noted, “What he can’t beat is Father Time, and that’s really the concern here,” referring to Biden’s moments of confusion and forgetfulness during his debate with Trump.

Axelrod also highlighted the dangers posed by Trump, describing him as an “unprecedentedly flawed candidate in so many ways” and a significant threat to democratic values, underlining the importance of this election.

He drew an analogy with Tom Brady, who retired from professional football due to age despite recent successes.

Axelrod expressed deep respect for Biden, praising his significant historical contributions and predicting that historical perspectives on his tenure might be more favorable than current public opinion.

He suggested that “the only thing pushing [Biden] out of politics is the immutable march of time” and urged Biden to contemplate his legacy if defeated by Trump.

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