Obama Interferes With Upcoming Election

Raphael Warnock, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

First-term Senator Raphael Warnock had the backing of former President Barack Obama at a large rally in Atlanta, Georgia, where the former President headlined the event and took jabs at Warnock’s opponent, Herschel Walker.

Obama’s appearance at the Thursday (December 1) event comes ahead of Georgia’s runoff election on Tuesday (December 6).

During his speech, the former President took aim at Republican Senate candidate Walker, claiming the former college and professional football star lacks “confidence and character” or the “track record” to represent Georgia in the Senate.

Obama also jabbed at Walker’s highly-publicized comments about wanting to be a “werewolf” and not a “vampire anymore.” Pointing to the trivial nature of those comments, Obama jabbed, “Mr. Walker has been talking about the issues of great importance to the people of Georgia.”

The former President’s appearance at Warnock’s rally marks his second trip to Georgia in over a month, the first trip being at the end of October. On his first trip, Obama stumped for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams and Senate candidate Warnock.

His second trip on Thursday was the eve of the final day of early voting for the runoff elections, with Obama noting that his presence at the rally was the same reason he came to Georgia in October.

Obama urged voters to “vote for your outstanding Senator,” reminding supporters that Friday (December 2) was the last day of early voting and that then people need get “out to the polls on Tuesday.”

So far, over one million voters have cast an early ballot in Georgia’s Senate runoff. Democrats have been pushing their voters to vote in early voting to give Warnock an advantage heading into Tuesday.