NOW: Ten Commandments Mandated

( – Louisiana’s educational system will soon experience a transformative change, as public schools across the state are now mandated to exhibit the Ten Commandments in every classroom.

This directive follows a new law, signed by Republican Governor Jeff Landry on Wednesday, positioning Louisiana as the first state to implement such a requirement, USA Today reports.

Scheduled to take effect in 2025, this legislation mandates that these biblical decrees be presented in a poster-sized format, utilizing a “large, easily readable font,” and will apply to educational settings ranging from kindergarten through to state-funded universities.

Governor Landry, speaking at the bill-signing ceremony, articulated the philosophical underpinnings of this legislation.

“If you want to respect the rule of law you’ve got to start from the original law given, which was Moses,” he declared.

“This statement was met with applause from those in attendance, punctuated by an audible “amen” from an individual among the crowd. The governor underscored the significance of this bill within his broader educational reform agenda, remarking that it was “one of the bills that got the press over here,” Landry elaborated.

The legislative journey of this bill saw it being drafted and passed by the Republican-majority state legislature in May.

Despite its passage, the legislation has been the subject of significant controversy, with detractors labeling it unconstitutional.

However, the statutory language of the law emphasizes the Ten Commandments’ “historical role,” asserting that “Including the Ten Commandments in the education of our children is part of our state and national history, culture, and tradition.”

This legislative movement is not isolated to Louisiana alone; similar initiatives have been observed in other Republican-led states, such as Texas and Oklahoma, where lawmakers have advocated for analogous laws.

Governor Landry also promoted this legislative act beyond state borders. While serving as the keynote speaker at the Tennessee Republican Statesmen’s Dinner in Tennessee on Saturday, he voiced his anticipation and resolve regarding the impending legal challenges.

“I’m going home to sign a bill that places the Ten Commandments in public classrooms,” he told the assembly.

He concluded with a provocative statement, “And I can’t wait to be sued.”

The report notes his bold declaration highlights the contentious nature of the law and the likely legal battles that will ensue.

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