Notorious TV Host ATTACKS Christians – WATCH

( – In a blistering new attack against Christianity and Trump supporters, infamous leftist TV host Joy Behar has declared that that individuals who back former President Donald Trump may not embody genuine Christian values.

Watch the video of Behar’s attack on Christians in the tweet below!

The attack on Christians occurred on the latest episode of “The View,” where Behar is one of the five co-hosts.

Amidst a heated discussion about a new Louisiana law mandating the display of the Ten Commandments in public school classrooms, Behar suggested that instead of schools, these commandments should be placed in Mar-a-Lago, alongside a photo of Stormy Daniels, a former porn actress.

She claimed that Trump had committed extensive violations of the commandments, The Daily Caller reports.

“This guy has gone above and beyond, and yet these Christians, these so-called Christians, are gonna vote for him,” Behar remarked.

“The children see this Ten Commandments in school and then they see their parents —” she added.

“Certain Christians,” co-host Sunny Hostin clarified.

“Well, of course … I don’t know who they are specifically. All I know is there are a lot of people who say they’re Christians who are voting for him,” Behar elaborated.

“I’m a Christian, and I can assure you, I’m not voting for him,” co-host Sara Haines interjected.

“I know that about you. I don’t think anyone at this panel are voting for him, but they’re out there. It just seems ironic that he’s broken every law of every commandment and they think he’s the one to vote for. What is the matter with everybody?” Behar questioned further.

The discussion also touched on broader critiques of Christian practices and beliefs as portrayed by the media.

Haines highlighted the negative portrayal of followers of the Traditional Latin Mass, who are often described as “cult-like” and “extremist,” particularly in discussions surrounding Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker and his devout Catholic stance during a speech at Benedictine College.

In another segment of the show on April 8, co-host Whoopi Goldberg referenced the Ten Commandments to argue for the legalization of abortion, notably omitting any mention of the sixth commandment.

Goldberg rationalized her stance by emphasizing the practical and ethical guidance provided by these biblical laws.

“You know, because I figured God was pretty clear, here’s the stuff that will make your life better on Earth. Here’s the thing — don’t lie, because you don’t want people lying to you. Don’t mess with somebody’s wife, because you’re gonna be mad if they’re messing with yours. Just, you know, common sense stuff,” Goldberg explained.

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