Nikki Gets Bad News

( – In a striking development, New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu, an influential Republican figure, has markedly changed his prediction for the upcoming primary, as he now forecasts a resounding victory for former President Donald Trump over former Governor Nikki Haley.

During an interview with Rick Klein of ABC News, Sununu appeared to minimize Haley’s campaign aspirations, stating, “We always wanted to have a strong second. That’s the only expectation we ever laid out there.”

This remark significantly deviates from his prior confident projections of a Haley victory in New Hampshire, even suggesting a possible landslide.

Sununu’s altered tone has quickly resonated through political circles, especially in light of the substantial financial support Haley has been receiving.

Among her backers is Robert Schwartz, co-founder of the Primary Pivot super PAC, a key player within the Republican mainstream.

Schwartz’s group, armed with extensive opposition research, has been vigorously opposing Trump’s campaign and encouraging Democrats and left-leaning independents to back Haley to “protect our democracy.” Recently, the PAC escalated its anti-Trump campaign by distributing 150,000 direct mail pieces and raising significant funding.

Despite these concerted efforts from Schwartz’s PAC and other anti-Trump factions like “Tell It Like It Is” and “Granite State Votes,” the latest Suffolk/NBC-10/Boston Globe NH tracking poll indicates a challenging road ahead for Haley. Trump leads with 50 percent support, Haley trails at 36 percent, and DeSantis is at 6 percent.

Michael Biundo, a seasoned Republican strategist in New Hampshire, has expressed concerns about Haley’s campaign strategy, particularly her decision to forgo debates and seemingly underestimate the state’s pivotal role in the primaries. Biundo believes this could be a significant error, given New Hampshire’s distinct political environment.

Additionally, Sean Van Anglen, a former Haley supporter, conveyed his disillusionment to NBC News, suggesting that Haley’s campaign seems to lack a genuine commitment to securing a victory in the upcoming Tuesday primary.