NEW: Two Huge Events

( – One of the most pivotal moments in the 2024 contest for the White House will see the overlapping of two hugely significant events: the Super Tuesday primaries, which will likely seal former President Donald Trump’s GOP nomination victory, and President Joe Biden’s possibly last State of the Union address.

The Hill points out in a report that the anticipated general election rematch between President Biden and former President Trump is merely eight months away.

Yet, the real race between the two will only be set off this week on Super Tuesday, with Trump poised to clinch his party’s nomination, while Biden intends to utilize the upcoming State of the Union address to declare his vision for a second White House term.

After that, he plans to visit key battleground states such as Pennsylvania and Georgia.

Both camps perceive an early start to the general election campaign as advantageous but for divergent reasons, the report notes.

Trump and his team are eager to shift focus from the GOP primary, where Nikki Haley garnered significant support, and aim to fully align with the Republican National Committee (RNC) to enhance their fundraising efforts.

Conversely, the Biden campaign believes that once Trump is the uncontested GOP nominee, it will favor their position, a realization they contend many Americans have yet to reach.

“The next week is a big week,” stated Jim Kessler, vice president of policy at the Third Way think tank.

“The Republican primary should be over at that point, and the president has the State of the Union. To me, the State of the Union is where Biden kicks off the general election,” he declared.

With sixteen states voting in the presidential primaries on Tuesday, the stage is set for a Biden-Trump rematch in November, as Haley she lacks a viable path to outperform the former president, comments The Hill, which bills itself as a centrist news outlet.

Biden’s camp is also keen on initiating the general election campaign, facing a challenging landscape with Trump leading in pivotal swing states.

“[Americas will realize] not just that he’s a threat to our democracy, but also sort of a bigger issue that he’s all about himself. That power is for him a personal pursuit, that the presidency is not about what’s happening to you, your family at the kitchen table but is really about his personal grievances and vengeance,” claimed former Biden aide Kate Bedingfield in a CNN interview.