NEW: ‘Lowest for Any Democrat Since 2004’


( – In a new development dashing Joe Biden’s reelection hopes, the president’s approval among female voters has reached a level that is the “lowest for any Democrat since 2004.”

This decline is juxtaposed with former President Donald Trump, who has established an eight-point advantage over Biden within the same demographic, Breitbart News reports.

This trend amplifies existing concerns about Biden’s prospects for a second term, particularly in light of escalating living costs, the report notes further.

Women, who traditionally lean Democratic and are pivotal in consumer decisions within households, are significantly influenced by these economic changes.

Comparatively, in the 2020 election cycle, Biden had a 13-point lead over Trump among female voters. The current reversal to an eight-point deficit marks a significant 21-point swing, as per the Times’s aggregation of over 30 polls since the beginning of the year.

The analysis attributes the dramatic shift in women’s voting patterns to the steep increase in costs, affecting approximately 20% across various sectors. This economic strain has notably affected the voting behavior of black and Hispanic women.

“Mr. Biden’s current struggles with black and Hispanic women are especially striking. He is winning among black women in the KFF survey by 58 percentage points, but that represents a significant drop from his 86 percentage point margin among black women in the approach to the 2020 election, according to an average of New York Times/Siena College polls from that election. Mr. Biden’s lead with Hispanic women has also shrunk substantially, to about 12 points. The survey found Mr. Biden’s lead among women overall to be four points,” Breitbart explains.

Inflation has emerged as a critical issue for voters, particularly among middle-aged, black, and Hispanic women.

In Michigan, nearly 60% of black women identified inflation as their primary electoral concern. A similar sentiment was echoed by Hispanic women in Arizona. The impact of inflation appears to overshadow other political issues significantly.

KFF surveys indicate a prevailing sentiment among women that their financial circumstances were more favorable under Trump’s administration.

This perception is even stronger among young women, a demographic the Democrats aim to engage and retain.

Concurrently, Trump’s strengthening position among women reflects broader gains among black and Hispanic voters—groups traditionally aligned with the Democrats. Historical comparisons reveal that the loyalty of these groups to the Democratic Party may be at its lowest in six decades.

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