NEW: Democrat Congressman Lied (Video)

( – In a just-released investigative report about an already disgraced Democrat congressman, investigators raised questions about the explanation given by Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) for triggering a fire alarm in a congressional office building last September when there was no emergency.

See the video below.

The independent Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) found inconsistencies in Bowman’s claim that he activated the alarm while rushing to vote on a stopgap measure to prevent a government shutdown.

The House was adjourned at the time, and the OCE investigation revealed that Bowman was actually heading to an emergency Caucus (Democrat) meeting, not to cast an imminent vote.

This was confirmed through messages on Signal between Bowman and his chief of staff, which showed that Bowman was aware of the meeting and the delayed vote prior to setting off the fire alarm.

The OCE report stated, “In light of this evidence, the OCE finds the explanation provided by Rep. Bowman’s official statement and those published by his staff to be less than credible or otherwise misleading.”

However, the OCE board didn’t find substantial evidence to believe Bowman obstructed or tried to impede an official House proceeding, and recommended dismissing this allegation.

They did suggest further review of the allegation that Bowman “willfully and knowingly gave a false alarm of fire in the District of Columbia.”

Contradicting Bowman’s statement that he “mistakenly” activated the fire alarm thinking it would open a door, the OCE report cited surveillance video evidence.

This footage showed Bowman deliberately pulling the fire alarm lever without checking if it opened the emergency doors, and then casually walking away.

The House Ethics Committee, having received the OCE report, decided not to open a probe into the incident. Ethics Chairman Michael Guest (R-MS) and ranking member Susan Wild (D-PA) explained that the House’s censure of Bowman over the fire alarm incident made further review unnecessary. They confirmed that Bowman had complied with the terms of his plea deal on a misdemeanor count for falsely pulling a fire alarm.

Following House rules, they stated they wouldn’t review the matter further.

In an interview with OCE’s counsel, Bowman insisted his focus at the time was on budget discussions and the potential effects of a government shutdown. He denied intending to obstruct an official proceeding.