Nancy Pelosi BLASTS Reporters For WHAT?

Image credit: US National Archives

This is crazy.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi attacked reporters during a recent press briefing for not spreading the word about Democrats’ 3.5 trillion dollar reconciliation bill. A recent poll showed that less than 10% of Americans actually knew about the bill. Pelosi stated that reporters need to “sell it” to Americans rather than her announcing it to the public.

Her remarks come in as a reporter asks why she did not make an effort to make the bill well known. The house speaker cut the reporter off to say that reporters did not do a good job of “selling it” to Americans. She continued her statement adding that reporters need to break down the bill to Americans to show them where each package comes from within the bill. She added that once it is broken down and put out for Americans to see then it will gain traction and more appeal to them.

She further stated that the bill needs overwhelming support by Americans or else it will not gain traction in congress. She continued to blame this on the reporters rather than taking some sort of partial responsibility for the bill not reaching the American public. She stated that when reporters talked about child tax credit it gained a great appeal by the American public and she credited those who talked about it on live air. She further blamed reporters for Americans not knowing what is inside the bill at all stating that the numbers for those who know about the bill is unacceptable.